Shangrila Llamas
BAL Presidio
Birth Date: 04/20/02
(This page is for reference only. Presidio is now standing stud at Breezy Hollow Farm)

Rising Star's Antonio




Mother of Rumba G

We are so grateful to Dan and Dale Goodyear of Berry Acres for offering BAL Presidio at the 2003 Berry Picking.  We were awed by his father Rising Star's Antonio.  It turned out that almost every llama we really liked that came up for sale was an offspring of Antonio.  Then when Presidio's half-sister out of Sorpresada, Rumba G came up for sale my jaw dropped.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I later found out she received a Grand for heavy wool female at the Virginia Classic. We also found out that BAL Presidio won the Young Male Futurity at the Northeast Llama Showcase and Sorpresada won Produce of Dam.  We decided we wanted to add these bloodlines to our breeding program. 

His first babies have all been beautiful as you can see below.  His daughter Shangrila's Miss Rita got First Place Heavy Wool Juvenile and Reserve Champion Heavy Wool at her first show, the 2006 Shenandoah Showcase .  She won Grand Champion Medium Wool Female at the 2007 Virginia Classic and a Grand at SAFF.  She is one of the best crias we have ever produced.  His son Shangrila's Rudy won a Reserve Champion Male Suri as a juvenile.      

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Because we now have so many herd sires and plan on keeping so many of our Presidio daughters we have decided to offer BAL Presidio for sale.  He has done an awesome job for us but we do not have enough unrelated females to breed him to so we sold him to Breezy Hollow Farm for their new llamas.

Presidio's Babies

Shangrila's Miss Rita

Shangrila's Hey Jude

Shangrila's Prissy

Shangrila's Fancy

Shangrila's Miss Lucy

Shangrila's Amazon Queen

Shangrila's Chico


Colonel John Mosby

Shangrila's Bodacious


Chandler Bing


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