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Cadrianna ABSR
Born 12/04/2004
ILR No.  258169

Cadrianna has given us some awesome babies but since we are retiring from breeding we are offering her for $600 as a guard.  She loves to have her back scratched and will eat out of your hand.  She is protective of her babies so we believe she would be great to guard sheep or goats.  This photo was taken 5/16/2016 right after she was given her summer haircut.  She will not be available until November when we wean her last baby, Jamie.
Purdy Amazn
Born 08/05/2005
ILR No.  261887

Purdy Amazn is a great mom but we have more requests for guard and therapy llamas than breeding females so we are offering Purdy as a non-breeder for $600. She is only 40" at the withers so she is certainly large enough to guard but small enough to be easy to handle and will eat out of your hand.
BAL Haggerty
Born  09/08/2001
ILR No.  226861

Haggerty is a proven herd sire and has given us some gorgeous babies.  But we are suspending our breeding program so we are offering him for sale as a guard for cattle or goats or he could also be used as a stud.  He is in great shape.  This photo was taken this May 2016.  $750
Latest Guard Llama Updates

Sparkles and her new charge.

"Brandi is doing great! She seems like a natural guardian. We left her in the barn with all the sheep and goats for a few days and she went around and touched noses and talked to them (they are all in individual stalls and she was in the breezeway and would put her head in their stalls and sniff them). The last two days we have been introducing her to them in the pasture and it is going very smoothly. She seems very comfortable with both me and Donna as well as the rest of the flock. She is very respectful of the electro-net fence and loves the pasture grass.  We are so thrilled with the amount of progress in such a short period of time."

Hello!  We bought Mojo (now Chewbaca) several years ago.  He is doing great as a guard for our three goats, and is a great favorite of everyone who visits our farm.   Sue O'Donoghue (2/22/2016)

Shangrila's Lizzie
Born 04/02/2008
ILR No.  275403

Lizzie is very protective of her babies.  So we believe she would be a great guard. She is quite tall but easy to halter and lead and will eat of your hand.  So all you have to do is shake the grain bucket to get her into the barn. 
Lotsa Dots
Born 07/21/03
ILR No.  251228

We have had many beautiful babies from Lotsa Dots including a daughter we are keeping in our breeding program.  But we feel it is time to retire Dots while she is still in great shape so that she can live on as a guard or therapy llama.  She is like a huge stuffed animal when she is not pregnant.  Not so much when she is.  So we are offering her for $750 as a non-breeding female.
(This photo was taken 8-27-2015)
Shangrila's Smokin On
Born 04/09/07
ILR No.  272003
Shangrila's Sally
x Movin On

Smokin On has given us four beautiful babies.  She has even nursed an orphan while nursing her new born.  But she is such a heavy milker and good mother.  It takes it out of her.  This picture was taken the day we weaned her six month old 10/16/14. We are going to give her another six months to get her weight back before breeding her back or will sell her now as a npn-breeder guard for $750. Sold -

Thank you Tammy Coyne

Shangrila's Duchess
Born 09/29/13
Shangrila's Amazon Queen x
BAL Haggerty

Duchess is 5 months old here.  She is a very sweet girl who we believe is going to be very tall like her mother.  She should be an excellent guard for your female alpacas, sheep or goats.  So we are offering her as an open, unregistered female for only $750.


Shangrila's Amazon Queen
Born 05/15/07
ILR No.  272008
Shangrila's Chablis x BAL Presidio

Queenie is one of our largest females. She is a very protective mother but is very sweet natured and easy to halter. She is the first to do the alarm cry in her pasture if there is a threat.


Thank you Marilyn Glaser

Shangrila's Miss Rita
Born 09/26/05
ILR No.  264825
Shangrila's Miss Judy
x BAL Presidio

Miss Rita has not gotten pregnant the last two breeding seasons so we are offering her for sale as a guard.  She should be great at that but we do not want to give a fertility guarantee.   This morning we had a threat in the woods outside the pasture of another barn.  I took this picture of her standing guard until the threat passed.  Sold

Thank you Marilyn Glaser

Shangrila's Miss Judy
Born 04/09/01
ILR No.  236941
Keya x Paso Peru

Miss Judy has given us many wonderful babies but we feel she deserves a rest.  When she is not pregnant she is very sweet and affectionate.  She measures 39 inches at the withers so she is a small llama and would make a great pet but is large enough to guard. Sold

Thank you Paul & Christine Harris

Shangrila's Prissy
Born 04/16/06
ILR No.  266891
Shangrila's Sally
x BAL Presidio

We have a beautiful black Boogie daughter from Prissy due to deliver this Fall and an adorable son, bought by the Hall's who is doing great in the performance show ring.  But Prissy is not easy to get pregnant so we are offering her for sale as a guard.  She should be great at that but we do not want to give a fertility guarantee.


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