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 Appaloosas - Photos of the Appaloosa Llamas born at Shangrila

Argentine Altanero - Our new full Argentine Appaloosa Herd Sire

BAL Presidio - Son of Rising Stars Antonio

BAL - New Herd Sires from BAL

BAL Arbitrator - Son of Count Zorach

BAL Haggerty - Son of Silver Peru

BAL Keepsake - Son of Momento

BAL Love Machine - Son of Rising Stars Antonio

BAL Whisk Me Away - Son of BAL Whiskers (Son of Whist)

BAL Whizard - Son of Whist

Boogie Knight - Our new almost Mini Herd Sire (Son of Chilean Napoleon)

Clicker Clinic 2001 - Photo Article of the last Click and Reward training clinic

Clicker Obstacles - Photo Article of Click and Reward training on obstacles

Clicker PR - Photo Article of Click and Reward training for Public Relation Events

Clicker Tunnel - Photo Article of Click and Reward training for a Tunnel Obstacle

Crias - This years baby pictures

Crias 2003 - 2003 baby pictures

Crias 2004 - 2004 baby pictures

Crias 2005 - 2005 baby pictures

Crias 2006 - 2006 baby pictures

Cuervo Supreme - Retired Herd Sire (Appaloosa Chilean Canoso Grandson)

Directions - Directions to our farm with links to maps

Fancy Creek Hobbes - Retired Herd Sire (Appaloosa)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Llamas

Gallant - Retired Herd Sire (Macho Camacho Son)

Guard Llama Article - Guarding Livestock Article of testimonials

Headshots - Llama Headshots to showcase the pretty faces we have produced

Llamas For Sale - Females - Information including photos and prices of female llamas for sale

Llamas For Sale - Males - Information including photos and prices of male llamas for sale

Movin On - Retired Herd Sire (Chilean Leroy Brown Son)

Paso Peru - Retired Herd Sire (La Raya Peru Son)

Power Spike - Appaloosa Herd Sire

Pregnancy Watch - What to have on hand, what to look for and what to do.

Shenandoah Showcase 2006 - Pictures of our Grand and Reserve Champions

Smokin Joe - Retired Herd Sire

Therapy Llamas - Photo Article of Mona Sams using llamas for therapy in a hospital

Females for Sale  -  Males for Sale  -  Guard Llamas for Sale
New Crias (babies) - Headshots - Appaloosas - Dams

Shangrila's Herd Sires:  BAL Haggerty - BAL Whisk Me Away - Power Spike - Boogie Knight

Shangrila's Reference Herd Sires:  Paso Peru - Smokin' Joe - Fancy Creek Hobbes - Cuervo Supreme - Movin On- BAL Whizard
Argentine Altanero - BAL Presidio

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