Shangrila Llamas
Power Spike
Birth Date: 07/15/03


SCR Powerstroke

LL Char

I searched for months to find an Appaloosa male that was not related to our females.  I finally found Power Spike at Spring Creek Ranch (the home of Lion of Bolivia).  It was scary buying from just a picture.  But after checking out his genealogy I felt he was worth the gamble. 

His father Powerstroke has earned two ALSA grands and one reserve, including Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male at the 2000 Southeastern ALSA Regionals.  His dam is an ALSA Produce of Dam Champion

with 5 of her previous offspring having won 27 Grand Champions and 10 Reserve Champions. 

Power Spike's grandfather is one of the greatest reverse Appaloosas, Conception.  And his great grandfather is Lion of Bolivia, who is legendary for his high selling, grand champion offspring.

Spike looked like a pro at his first outside breeding.
His breeding fee is $750

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