Shangrila Farm Llamas
Birth Date: 11/19/95

Vintage Palomar
Sire-Half Bolivian 


Vintage Dominique

At the farm from which we bought Cuervo, we also brought back two females on consignment.  One of those females was Vintage Dominique.  Dee told us that Richard Patterson told her that Dominique was the best llama on her farm.  Which surprised her because she has over a hundred very wooly exceptional animals.  Dominique is a very big light wool original type llama. Her nickname is Big Bertha. Palomar on the other hand is as wooly as you get.  His father is a full Bolivian, but his mother was made in the USA. 
 Palomar's brother, (Smokin' Joe's Uncle), Woolly Toes, has won Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male four times.  We saw Woolly Toes on his farm in Oregon and he was amazing.  He was sheared down to the skin so we say where Joey gets his bone.

Joey has only had only three babies so far.  Two were females with his coloring even though they were from dark brown mothers.  One was a black and white boy out of a black and white mother.  He has some of the densest bone I have ever seen on a llama.  And though he is not a rough breeder, he does not take no for a answer.  We had several maidens that would not let any of our other males breed them that did finally get bred by Joey.  

We bought him from Gus Garrett who purchased Dominique from us.  I wanted him since the day he was born and am thrilled to finally have him on our farm.  He has three babies due this coming fall and more coming next spring. 

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