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Shangrila's Donnie (M) Sold 
BAL Whisk Me Away x
Shangrila's Miss Rita
Shangrila's Appalina (F)
Argentine Altanero x
Shangrila's Mojo (M) Sold 
Power Spike x
Lots a Dots
Shangrila's Yin & Yang (F)
Power Spike x
Shangrila's Sambuca
Shangrila's Llady Ga Ga (F) Sold 
Power Spike x
Shangrila's Maxine
Shangrila's Mr. Marie (M) Sold 
BAL Haggerty x
Shangrila's Prissy
Shangrila's Bucky (M) Sold 
Argentine Altanero x
 Shangrila's Strawberry Wine
Shangrila's Chrystal (F)
BAL Whisk Me Away x
Shangrila's Smokin On
Shangrila's Missy (F)Sold  Boogie Knight x
 Shangrila's Miss Judy
Shangrila's Big Boy (M) Sold 
Power Spike x
Shangrila's Sunshine
Shangrila's Patch Adams (M) Sold 
Argentine Altanero x
Shangrila's Roxie
Shangrila's Scotty (M) Sold 
BAL Whisk Me Away x
Shangrila's Amazon Queen
  Shangrila's Zac (M) Sold 
Boogie Knight x
 Shangrila's Sally
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Shangrila's Herd Sires:  BAL Haggerty - BAL Whisk Me Away - Power Spike - Boogie Knight

Shangrila's Reference Herd Sires:  Paso Peru - Smokin' Joe - Fancy Creek Hobbes - Cuervo Supreme - Movin On- BAL Whizard
Argentine Altanero - BAL Presidio

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