New Herd Sires from BAL

Dan and Dale Goodyear made us an offer we could not refuse.  We have acquired the remaining llamas of Berry Acres herd, which includes these six Awesome Herd Sires.  As much as we would like to keep all of them.  Our existing four herd sires are not very happy with us.  So we will be offering all of them for sale and outside breedings until they are sold with our usual live birth guarantee on breedings except we will offer an alternative breeding if the male you choose is sold.  Click on each boy to see more information including ILR and more pictures. 

BAL Whisk Me Away

BAL Haggerty

BAL Whizard

Son of BAL Whiskers

Son of Silver Peru

Son of Whist

BAL Love Machine

BAL Arbitrator

BAL Keepsake

Son of Rising Star's Antonio Sold

Son of Count Zorach  Sold

Son of Momento Sold

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Shangrila's Herd Sires:  BAL Haggerty - BAL Whisk Me Away - Power Spike - Boogie Knight

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Argentine Altanero - BAL Presidio

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